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Dr. Tasheka L.Green


Educator, transformational coach, thought-provoking speaker, visionary, 15-time best selling author and more, Dr. Tasheka L. Green leaves her audiences transformed, inspired, energized, and renewed. Her competency in education, servant leadership, and transformational coaching, influences personal, professional and leadership development in the individuals she meets, teaches and reaches. Because of her competency with bringing coherence to improving people, culture, systems, and structures, Dr. Green is sought after by many. The work of Dr. Green garnered her a feature in the Harvard University School of Education, Harvard edX Course, Introduction to Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching and many other features, and segments.


After witnessing Dr. Green coaching, speaking or sharing time with her in a workshop or seminar, individuals walk away with the systems, structures, and resources needed to maximize their greatest potential. They no longer operate with a fixed mindset, but rather a mindset of growth and success. They leverage their gifts, strengths, and talents to achieve greatness.


Whether it's educational organizations, corporate, communities of faith, or a one on-one-connection, Dr. Green’s authentic, powerful, and captivating message, plants seeds of hope, and in return harvest a new beginning.

With over 20-years of experience as an educator, and viewing leadership, not as a title or position, but a calling with a greater purpose, allowed Dr. Green to birth To Everything There is a Season, Inc. comprising of the following: The Deborah C. Offer Bulgin Business and Leadership Development Institute, To Everything There Is a Season Publishing, The Deborah C. Offer Bulgin Memorial Foundation, Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence Awards, Signature by William Green, and I am a QT...Queen in Training. Serving as the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, her focus is on how she can help, and make situations better.


A scholarly and virtuous woman of extraordinary faith, vision, talents, presence, and accomplishments have allowed her to obtain a plethora of recognitions and awards.

Dr. Green is an example of when purpose meets opportunity, the result is success. 



EducatorConsultant, Coach, Speaker

Individual and Group Sessions, Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, 

Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

Dr. Green is committed to providing high-quality service that is built on excellence, professionalism, integrity, and a culture of change and improvement. The variety of services provided will nurture your mind, soul, and spirit, to help you achieve your individual or organization's goals. She caters to each of her client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact her to start your journey!

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10 Purposeful Tips for a Successful School Year & To Keep the Learning Going at Home is written from an educator's perspective and as a parent of two school-aged children. In this quick read, Dr. Tasheka L. Green, and her children, provides essential tips which can be used at the start of each school year, or during moments of extended time home with your child. These quick and easy tips will support your child through his or her educational career. The purposeful steps taken at the beginning of the school year or during moments of extended time home, will lead to lasting successful results and make the learning experience fun and engaging.





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